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Saudi Arabia

Expand Your Business to Saudi Arabia

Why KSA?

Located at the heart of the MENA, KSA is considered one of the most aggressively growing markets in the worlds.

1 Trillion

Nominal GDP


GDP per Capita

$640 bn

FDI Inward Stock

Growth for Q1 2023 in Saudi Economy
0 %
Investment increase YOY
0 %
Total capital deployed in KSA from the GCC region
0 %
Q1 2023 Total Venture Investments
0 M
Population Largest in GCC
0 M

What Are The Benefits Of Starting a Business In Saudi Arabia?

Starting a business in Saudi Arabia offers entrepreneurs access to a strategically located market with over 36 million consumers and a government actively fostering entrepreneurship and foreign investment through initiatives like Vision 2030. The country’s growing sectors, such as technology, renewable energy, entertainment, healthcare, and tourism, present lucrative opportunities for business ventures. With low taxes, modern infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and political stability, Saudi Arabia provides a conducive environment for startups and SMEs to thrive. Additionally, its location at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa facilitates regional expansion, making it an attractive destination for businesses aiming to tap into diverse markets.

Why Now?

What Documents are needed to start?


Attest CR of holding
company/certificate of


Attest financial statement,
Memorandum of Association, &
Article of Association


Notarize PoA from a public notary

What We Can Do

For You?


Simplify your business launch with our comprehensive setup services, ensuring seamless market entry. We handle all legalities and documentation.


Our professional services streamline your business operations, from licensing to compliance, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind.


Navigate the visa process with ease, thanks to our expert guidance on applications and renewals for you and your employees.


Optimize your financial health with our accounting and VAT services, designed to ensure compliance and maximize profits.

20 Step Setup Process for KSA Expansion

To set up a company in Saudi Arabia, you need to fulfill 20 tasks. Here is a break down of what is needed and the estimated timeline for completion.

Why Invest In Saudi Arabia?

Investing in Saudi Arabia offers compelling opportunities due to its efforts to diversify its economy away from oil dependency through initiatives like Vision 2030. With a population exceeding 36 million, a significant portion of which is young, the country boasts a large consumer base ripe for various industries’ growth. Moreover, its strategic location in the Middle East makes it an attractive hub for businesses aiming to tap into regional markets spanning Asia, Europe, and Africa.

The Saudi government’s commitment to fostering a conducive investment climate is evident through streamlined regulations, incentives, and improvements in the ease of doing business. Additionally, ongoing infrastructure development projects across sectors like transportation, healthcare, and housing present avenues for investment and economic growth. While Saudi Arabia’s political stability relative to its regional counterparts provides a secure environment for investors, prudent risk assessment is still advised given the evolving geopolitical landscape.


Are there specific legal requirements for foreign entrepreneurs?

Foreign entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia must comply with legal requirements such as SAGIA approval, investment regulations, choosing suitable business structures, navigating ownership restrictions, obtaining visas and permits, preparing necessary documentation, adhering to taxation laws, possibly engaging local partners, and seeking legal counsel for guidance.

The market for your business in Saudi Arabia can vary significantly depending on factors such as the industry, target market, and competition. The Saudi government’s Vision 2030 initiative aims to diversify the economy and reduce dependency on oil, which has led to increased investment in non-oil sectors and initiatives to improve the business environment.

Saudi Arabia offers various incentives and exemptions to attrac and support new businesses, particularly as part of its Vision 2030 initiative aimed at diversifying the economy and encouraging entrepreneurship


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