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Kurum Group of Companies (KGC) is a distinguished group of service-oriented companies, operates strategically across the UAE, GCC, and Turkey, providing a comprehensive range of professional services. Our four Core Group companies include Kurum Consultancy, specializing in cutting-edge management consulting and corporate services. KAccounting, delivering extensive accounting and auditing services adhering to industry best practices. KMarketing, another integral part of our group, offers a diverse portfolio of services focused on marketing and branding solutions. Additionally, KDesign, a key component, excels in delivering top-tier architecture and engineering consultancy, interior design, fitout construction services, and the production of design and technical working drawings. 

Committed to excellence and professionalism, we proudly assert our leadership in the service industry. Our dedication ensures unparalleled quality and client satisfaction. A cornerstone of our business strategy is leveraging our extensive knowledge of industries and global markets to foster long-term, sustainable enterprises. We specialize in delivering innovative and effective solutions across diverse industries, adeptly transforming opportunities into successful and thriving business ventures. 

Our goal is to establish partnerships with all our clients, and we believe this provides significant benefits for all parties involved. We are striving to develop and improve our services to deliver the optimum and most cost-effective solutions on all our projects and platforms.


We help everyone in the world to turn their dream business into reality.

Founder's Profile

Ahmet H. Kurum


Mr. Ahmet H. Kurum is an experienced entrepreneur who has spent a decade assisting investors in building companies and developing concepts in both the UAE and Turkey. With his strong background in business development and an MBA degree, Ahmet has acquired skills in sales,

international relations, management, business development, and international political economy.

As the founder of KGC, Ahmet is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations establish and expand their businesses in the UAE and Turkey and provides other services aimed at helping people achieve success in their business endeavors.

His philosophy is embodied in the quote by Rona Minarik: “If the challenge exists, so must the solution.”


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